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Remodeling the bathrooms in your house can be a great way to revamp the place as well as add value to your home. It can be easy to renovate a bathroom as your own diy project, or you can hire a professional to do the work. Because this room is so small one of the key focal points is the shower. There are many different ways to make give your shower a beautiful look whether you use special tile designs, frameless shower doors, or hang stunning curtains. On our site you can find some of the best shower designs of 2017 so that you can have the latest trends in your home. Depending on how big your room is you can choose from a walk in shower with a standalone bathtub or a shower/tub combination. No matter the style you choose for your bathroom renovation there a plenty of ideas for showers that you can incorporate in any plan.


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As you are deciding on your bathroom shower tile ideas there are a few tools that can help your design process go smoother. The first tool that can be extremely beneficial for inspiration on different do it yourself design ideas is to look through pictures online. More importantly these pictures can give you ideas for your new shower. You can find images of bath tubs, walk in shower, and different ideas for bathroom faucets and glass doors. The top shower designs in 2017 included large walk in showers adorned with beautiful colored tiles. Our bathroom photo gallery can provide you with images of designer homes and the style trends they chose to decorate their baths in. For an elegant modern look you can design a shower without any doors by building a small enclosure for the space. This design works great for large master baths. However, if your bathroom is on the smaller side, a popular layout is to have corner shower units that take up little space.


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After searching through our pictures of bathrooms and deciding upon your room d├ęcor you can get started planning your renovation. Another great tool that can help you create a layout is bathroom design software. This program allows you to input exact measurements of your room so that you can easily design your new shower. It can also give you different ideas for your layout and design. After deciding upon a new bathroom layout you can choose your decorating color schemes. Most shower systems are tiled so look through the most popular bathroom tile designs for inspiration for your room. The most common shades for tiled showers are blues and greens. These colors are relaxing and create a spa-like atmosphere that looks beautiful in any bathroom. You can find gorgeous glass shower tiles in these shades and many more to help you design your dream bathroom.


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Some other exquisite bathroom wall tile ideas include travertine and stone. These tiles make for a beautiful natural look that can be accented with white or brown cabinetry for a beautiful look. These stones come in large or small tiles and look beautiful in large or small shower enclosures. To accentuate the travertine you can add a frameless glass shower door so that you will always be able to see the tiling. You can also create custom shower doors for any size unit. If you are looking for a great brand to install in your bathroom go with Basco shower doors. They offer a variety of styles including frameless and sliding doors. These shower kits can be installed in shower/bathtubs combos or in standalone stall. Build your own shower door on their site to make the perfect plan for your small bathroom layout. Glass panel doors look beautiful on any type of shower and blend well with any style room.

Something that is trending in the best bathroom designs 2017 is to include a steam shower into the floor plan. Steam showers are most commonly found in spas, but now you have the option of getting one installed in your home. With the simple push of a button you can sit down in your shower and enjoy a warm, vaporous steam experience to relax after a long day at work. While steam showers can be on the expensive side, they can be a great investment for any home renovator with a large budget. It provides you with the experience of visiting a day spa but in your own home whenever you wish. You can just sit back and relax as the steam surrounds and encompasses you for a calming experience. Having a steam shower installed in your home is great for large master bathroom ideas. No matter the size or style of your bathroom, there a numerous shower design ideas to choose from when it comes to renovating your home.

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