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A beautiful color palette introduces personality wherever it touches – the bedroom is no different.  Infuse your private retreat with fabulous design by choosing the best colors to evoke your particular mood and décor sense. There is an absolutely endless variety of hues and shades, each bringing with them a different unique look perfect to embody whichever style you desire. The real question becomes, where do I begin?  Our seasoned design experts will show you how a fresh splash of color can revive drab and outdated bedroom designs, breathing new life into these relaxing retreats. Read ahead for our latest do it yourself home project guide jam packed with the top bedroom paint colors ideas and pictures for 2017. In no time at all you can create the gorgeous bedroom retreat of your dreams, beginning with a just simple coat of paint.


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The easiest way to establish unforgettable design in any interior space is through color. Great wall paint not only accents your favorite textiles, one of a kind decorative pieces and unique architectural features, but makes a striking décor statement all its own. When it comes to choosing the perfect bedroom paint color themes for you space, the overwhelming rainbow of hues at your local paint store can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Many DIY home remodelers become overwhelmed at the sheer number options available today. Whether you love a bright and vibrant palette or prefer more soothing neutral shades, you will find outstanding design inspiration in our latest bedroom photo gallery featuring the hottest paint color for 2013. With dozens of pictures highlighting fabulous color combinations and trendy palettes perfect to embody any style, you are sure to discover an amazing look to bring to your own space.


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Color has the ability to instantly change the look and feel of any space – a single coat of paint can transform a room from quiet and calming to bold and edgy in just hours. For this reason, it is especially important to select the right hues to use in your bedroom retreat in order to promote a lovely stress-free environment. Beautiful paint colors for bedrooms set your design foundation, providing subtle muted style as the perfect backdrop to lush textiles and unique decorative finishings. Whether you are selecting kids bedroom colors or hues for a master suite, there are a few key ideas to consider. First and foremost, remember that this room is dedicated to slumber and, as such, bold bright tones should be avoided because they do not promote a calming feel. The most popular paint colors 2017 focus on a lovely neutral palette filled with subtle muted shades that generate a wonderful relaxing mood. Vibrant hues can be brought in through accents.


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Another important item to consider when selecting the best colors for a DIY bedroom is size and layout.  Color schemes for small bedroom designs must be carefully selected, taking into account the need to create the illusion of larger more open spaces. Light hues are the best medium to do this with. Rich dark tans and browns are very popular master bedroom paint colors in 2017 because they create a luxurious shadowy retreat for slumber, however they should be avoided completely in small spaces to avoid making limited floor plans seem even tinier. If you wish to bring these trendy master bedroom ideas into your tiny space, consider painting walls a neutral shade with a 12 to 16 inch darker border below the ceiling. This takes advantage of your room’s height, drawing the eye upwards to give the look of larger spaces while incorporating great style.

Picking paint colors has never been easier due to the wide variety of product innovations offered by your favorite home décor companies. For example, behr paint colors recently launched their new ColorSmart app for smartphones that allows you to experiment with various shades and products at any time with the just click of a button. You can even take pictures of your bedroom then shuffle between paint color samples to find the look that is perfect for your space. Other popular brands such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer similar products to make coordinating paint colors easier than ever. Another great resource for design direction is online home décor databases like houzz. With huge catalogs of wall paint color ideas these fabulous sites become your one stop shop for great bedroom style inspiration. Do not stop with color -- add even more decorative interest to your space with unique base finishes such as suede and leather offered by all major paint brands.  The sky is the limit, so let your design creativity run wild.

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