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Painting your home can be a wonderful way to revamp your home and add a brand new look to your room. By simply adding new colours to your walls, you can completely change the design and appearance of any room. Whether you are looking to use traditional colors such as white or beige, or you want to use the most popular paint colors in 2017, there are many shades to choose from. Painting a room can be an easy do it yourself project that will not be difficult or take a long time. Whether you are a skilled painter or a novice, you may be thinking how do I learn how to choose the best paint colors for my home? Well the best paint colors for your house are going to be ones that blend well with your room designs. If you are simply changing the wall color and not the rest of the décor in your room, you will want to stick to matching shades. Our site is here to help you deice on the best colors for painting your home.


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The first step to selecting the best wall paint colors is determining the theme of your room. You may choose to keep the general décor of the space unchanged and simply have a different shade of paint on the walls. In this case you will want to stick to colors that are already in your design. However, if you are completely remodeling your space, you can have more freedom on selecting to colors to paint your house. Some popular 2017 interior design ideas are decorating a room in modern or Tuscan themes. The top paint colors in 2017 are a pale pastel color palette, with soft whispers of green, blue, purple and yellow. Light shades of yellow, red, and orange paint paired with furniture in wood or neutral colors can create a beautiful Tuscan appearance. For a more modern look you can choose a shade of white or grey on the wall paired with black and white furniture with splashes of red throughout.


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Most local paint stores or home improvement stores can offer you guidelines for picking paint colors. They offer samples and designs for top interior paint colors that can be incorporated into any room of your house. Sherwin Williams has numerous paint swatches available at their store in addition to pamphlets that show you the best color combinations. You can even get some great painting tips from the employees so you can be sure to have the best paint color ideas. For low prices you can visit stores like Walmart or Lowes for a wide variety of colors for your home at affordable prices. To find the best brain for paint you can ask your local home improvement store or search online reviews. Behr paint colors is one of the most popular brands for house paint. In addition, Glidden and Benjamin Moore offer any shade on the pain color wheel and great quality products.


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Find some of the most popular colors of house paint by searching through online photos of design plans. Here you can find pictures of different décor themes that others have used in their home so you can recreate designer rooms. Here you can find popular color schemes from any year, including 2017 trends. Some of the most popular designs in 2017 paint colors for living rooms were dark shades like gray and blue colors. Once you have decided on colors for painting your home, you can get started on the actual process. A great online resource for painting your home is online video tutorials. These can help you quickly and easily learn how to paint a room if you are inexperienced. Learning how to choose paint colors and then apply them to a wall yourself can be a great way to cut back on the cost of remodeling your space.

In addition to all the interior designs, there are many exterior home paint ideas to choose from to revamp the outside of your home. Choosing paint colors for the outside of your home is another process that can be made simple and easy. There all shades on the color wheel available in exterior paint. One important thing to look out for when selecting colors for painting the outside of your home is that the paint you choose is specifically for the exterior. This is important as you will want a water proof and durable material that will be able to withstand an outdoor environment. Some popular shades for outdoor paint are light yellows, browns, or blues. If you want to get creative you can select any shade paint to use on the outside of your home. Whether you are choosing between exterior or interior kitchen paint colors, there are numerous shades available to match any style décor.

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