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Great home design does not end with your interiors – it is just as important to beautify those outdoor areas with stunning color palettes and unique decorative elements. Fabulous outdoor décor will set the tone for your entire property as well as provide additional unconventional living areas for friends and family to enjoy during those warm spring and summer months. Creating a beautifully designed backyard is not hard with the right inspiration, helpful décor guidance, and fantastic DIY remodeling solutions. Whether you are looking for today’s hottest trends in outdoor decor or great landscaping ideas on a budget, we are your top resource for creating that next beautiful backyard makeover. Here you will find the top 2017 backyard design ideas and pictures along with expert do it yourself tips to help you to make that dream landscape a reality.


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Are you searching for great DIY backyards design ideas to update those long forgotten exterior areas? Look no further -- our outdoor design experts will show you how to make those drab and overgrown yards into beautiful outdoor retreats with easy landscaping ideas. The key to creating beautiful backyards is incorporating both softscape and hardscape design in a cohesive and visually pleasing manner. Softscape elements are natural décor such as plants, flowers and shrubbery, while hardscaping features include manmade pieces like decorative fountains, outdoor furniture and landscaping bricks. The best backyard landscaping design ideas mesh these two major categories of décor into one harmonious look that blends well within the natural appearance of the property.  New yard design should always work together with the existing organic elements rather than distracting from what your outdoor space already has to offer.


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Greet your guests with outstanding backyard décor to leave a lasting impression long after they leave. Whether you are revamping that overgrown lawn with simple backyard ideas or undergoing a major property overall, all beautiful landscapes begin with a unique and highly detailed design plan. These home improvement guides should incorporate all elements of the makeover to help you stay on track as you purchase materials and embark on building projects. The best way to start your next outdoor makeover is with backyard design software. These innovative programs allow you to experiment with an endless number of landscaping elements, from lush vegetation and three season deck plans to exterior furniture and everything in between. Look for highly reviewed software that incorporates ready-made backyard design plans that you can modify to fit your particular landscape design photos, as well as designer plans to inspire your outdoor update.


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As you begin creating plans, there are a few key elements to consider. First, identify your specific functional needs. Will you be using those outdoor living spaces for afternoon relaxation in the garden or for nightly entertaining with friends and family? Do you have pets or small children that may necessitate custom safety elements such as fencing? The answers to these questions will determine the particular landscaping features and functional elements that should be incorporated alongside your favorite backyard garden ideas. Next, consider your regions climate and weather patterns. Do you need heavily shaded areas to shield guests from the hot summer sun, or landscaping materials that must be able to withstand humid conditions and frigid winters? Taking these factors into account while you are still in the designing phase will prevent easily-avoidable décor mishaps or costly maintenance issues later on.

Take your outdoor décor to the next level by incorporating beautiful living areas perfect for entertaining guests. Today’s most popular pictures of backyard designs feature gorgeous patios incorporating trendy lavish touches such as full service outdoor kitchens and built in fire pits. You do not need to be a professional landscaper to bring these fabulous elements to your own home. There are many incredible backyard patio design plans, simple for any do it yourself remodeler to recreate. Begin with easy landscaping projects such as a simple cement paver patio or a beautiful raised wooden deck, and then add on to these basic elements over time by installing a shading pergola or decorative waterfalls. This is one of the best cost cutting back yard tips for home owners decorating on a budget. Complete those major elements first with plans in mind for future additions, then slowly build on to achieve those dream landscaping designs.

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