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No do it yourself home makeover is complete without unforgettable landscaping design. Beautifying those overgrown exterior spaces is just as important as revamping your interiors because they are the first to greet friends and family as they arrive to your house. Ensure that you make a fabulous first impression by combining lush vegetation, elegant paving materials and unique decorative accents to create a single fabulous design. Undergoing an exterior overhaul may seem quite daunting due to the unfamiliar decorating materials and unconventional color palettes that natural décor presents. Our outdoor design experts will walk you through this process to help you achieve an unforgettable look. Read ahead to find the top 2017 landscaping designs ideas and pictures complete with our handy DIY tips and simple money saving solutions.


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Professional landscapers and expert realtors agree that establishing stunning outdoor design is an imperative aspect of home décor. Outstanding curb appeal will leave a lasting impression on guests and potential home buyers, welcoming them to your house with inviting beauty and elegance. The most popular landscaping designs for 2017 feature lush vegetation and organic décor that works with the natural flow of your yard, appearing as if it had existed there all along. Step away from those geometric flower beds and striking contemporary paving materials trendy in 2013, and instead look towards a more natural look that works with existing vegetation rather than distracting from it. Whether you are small yard landscaping or planning a large estate, our home improvement experts will help you find the right look to highlight that natural beauty of your home.


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Do it yourself landscape design jobs are a fantastic way to instantly update the overall look and feel of your home. No matter your yard size or project budget is important to select the right plants, gardening materials and color schemes to achieve a cohesive look that blends well with your home’s architecture and existing landscaping. The first step to creating that unforgettable designer look is getting inspired by our front yard landscaping ideas and pictures featuring all of today’s hottest trends and innovative outdoor materials. Yard design for 2017 focuses on the natural look of your property, emphasizing organic designs and materials that enhance vegetation rather than distracting from it. Browse our landscaping design pictures to discover the amazing potential of your space and learn how to take your existing exterior décor from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few simple updates. Beautiful curbside décor is just a click away.


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If you are struggling with how to plan and design your new landscaping layout, there are dozens of outstanding tools on the market today specifically designed with the DIY remodeler in mind.  Innovative landscape design software offers an invaluable solution for tech savvy homeowners to create a beautiful yard from the ground up.  These wonderful programs allow exterior decorators to experiment with an endless number of layouts, plants, mulch, paving materials, color palettes and decorative accents all at the click of a button prior to investing money in materials. This makes it easier than ever to combine your favorite backyard garden ideas into a single dream design then print out a highly detailed blueprint to make recreating that plan a breeze. There is no need to spend money on costly architectural services when you can learn how to design yourself.

The most important aspect of designing a fabulous landscape is understanding which plants and decorative elements will work best within the yard. Consider key factors such as climate and weather patterns prior to selecting flowers or building materials in order to ensure a stunning and long lasting design. For example, when landscaping with shrubs be sure to choose varieties that will thrive in your yards sun conditions, humidity levels and average rainfall. While a particular variety may catch your eye in the nursery, if they are not bred for the environment found on your property, the will not remain beautiful and thriving for long. Our online landscaping showrooms feature fabulous backyard design ideas and photos for any climate or weather pattern you can imagine. Whether you are looking for low maintenance vegetation or great outdoor structures to shield from rain and sunlight, you are sure to find great landscaping plans perfect for your yard.

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