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Beautiful landscaping is an essential component of any home design. Your yard is the first area to greet friends and family as they arrive to the house and, as such, serves as the single greatest factor in making a great first impression on guests and potential buyers. For this reason, gorgeous property makeovers provide an excellent way to instantly improve the visual appeal of your living areas as well as increase the overall value of your home. Whether you prefer lush wild gardens or elegantly manicured hedges, it is quite easy to achieve the same outstanding curb appeal found in your favorite designer landscaping photographs. Get inspired to garden by browsing our online exterior décor showrooms filled with the top landscaping ideas and photos for 2017 complete with handy do it yourself guides. Unforgettable curbside décor is just a click away.


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Stunning yard design begins with fabulous inspiration. Free landscaping photos are your best tool when embarking on any exterior makeover because they provide you with the creative foundation to plan that new space. Whether you are looking for small yard landscaping designs or blueprints for grand estate gardens, our galleries are filled with unique ideas and DIY tips to take your current plan from ordinary to extraordinary. You will notice that the overwhelming characteristic of all photos of beautiful landscapes is simplicity throughout the design.  When decorating outdoors, let nature do the talking. The most popular pictures of decks and patios show man-made structures that accent gorgeous plants and flowers rather than distracting from their natural beauty. This concept should extend throughout the space with all materials and décor pieces.


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Do you wish to recreate those do it yourself designer looks found in your favorite landscaping photos but do not know how to begin? Look no further -- our gardening experts will help guide you through the process, from designing the space and selecting materials to planting flowers and everything in between. The first step in planning a garden is getting inspired by today’s most popular pictures of landscaping ideas. These provide an invaluable tool in helping overwhelmed homeowners to discover the amazing potential of that lackluster yard. When browsing through our galleries filled with backyard landscape ideas and pictures it is important to keep a few key details in mind. Remember your region’s climate and unique weather patterns as well as the home’s exterior architectural style prior to committing to a design. While plants or hardscaping elements appear beautiful in those images, they may not translate well in your yard’s environment or major decor.


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All of today’s most popular landscaping styles are built upon a few basic principles of outdoor design. First and foremost, your exterior décor should be unified throughout the property. A beautiful cohesive look through vegetation, color palettes and outdoor structures creates harmony and gives the sense that all components of your décor work together to create a whole design. Look for beautiful yet simple landscaping ideas and pictures that feature subtle elements of repetition throughout the design such as a dominant flower or accent color. Another important aspect of great outdoor landscaping is incorporating a balance of soft and hardscape features. Softscaping elements such as plants, flowers and trees should blend cohesively with hardcaping materials such as pavers, fencing and outdoor furniture. Look for understated materials such as a lovely flagstone or brick that do not distract from vegetation in order to achieve an organic look.

As with all DIY home improvement projects, it is important to infuse new designs with elements of your personality and décor tastes. It is these unique custom touches that take any makeover to the next level. The best landscape design photo gallery helps homeowners to identify new exterior décor styles, plants and building materials that best suit their design palate. Compile a collection of your favorite looks and identify the individual elements that drew you to each particular image. With a little ingenuity and creativity, you can combine all of these unique features into a single cohesive custom design. The online landscaping photo gallery can provide an outstanding tool for visualizing how a particular plant or building material looks in a garden but should not be considered a fool proof way to plan that new exterior. Always remember to compare your home’s exterior to those featured in the images and note the regional climate. 

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