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Every unforgettable living room design begins with a fabulous paint color. The right color scheme can set the tone for any space, embodying whichever mood or style you wish, whether it be elegantly traditional or edgy and modern. As you stand in front of that daunting display filled with hundreds of tiny paint swatches, each color more perfect than the next, you may be asking yourself how to choose just one shade. Selecting living room color schemes can be an easy and enjoyable process if you have fabulous inspiration and the right design tools. Look no further -- here you will find our latest interior décor idea guide filled with the top rated living room colors and designs for 2017. Get inspired by our fabulous designer color combinations and expert DIY advice. In no time at all you can create that gorgeous living room you have been dreaming of.


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A beautiful color palette will instantly transform any drab and outdated living room into a trendy contemporary den found on the pages of your favorite designer magazines. The right shade can set the tone for the entire space, embodying whichever décor concept you desire. For this reason, when searching those isles for the perfect living room paint colors it is very important to choose wisely, understanding the particular look and style that each hue will evoke.  Every great design will begin with fabulous inspiration. Discover the amazing potential of your lackluster space by browsing our popular online décor showroom filled with pictures of living rooms featuring all of today’s hottest color trends for 2017.  Imagine your room in a rainbow of outstanding new hues, and then select the color that best reflects your home’s personality and individual décor style.


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The first step in selecting living room wall paint is identifying which overall family from which to select your hues. All of the most popular room color ideas fall under one of two major schemes -- warm or cool.  Warm colors are rooted in a gold or yellow base and are often incorporated throughout traditional decor. Cool and neutral hues, on the other hand, have a foundation of crisp blue or muted grey, and are often found in more contemporary décor schemes. Begin by gathering your favorite living room design ideas in order to identify the overall style you will be bringing to the space. Then take a look at the existing furnishings and architectural elements such as flooring, fireplaces, trim work and door knobs. All elements in a living room should fall under the same color family in order to create a beautiful cohesive look characteristic of top designer rooms.


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Living rooms are one of the most highly frequented rooms in a home, serving as a central place to gather. It is important that all déco, from furniture and furnishings to small living room ideas -- is both trendy and inviting. A fresh coat of paint will instantly update any outdated space quicker and for less money than replacing major elements such as textiles, furniture and accessories. Many beginner do it yourself remodelers believe they must select paint colors for living rooms blindly prior to making any other style decisions. In order to find the best wall colors for living rooms, our design pros suggest finding an inspiration piece to guide your selection process. A fabulous painting or beautiful throw pillow fabric serves as a wonderful resource for room colour ideas and will build the foundation for an outstanding harmonious design. Look around the living room for creative design staples.

Another key factor to consider is the best product for the job. There are such an overwhelming number of options available to the DIY decorator that selecting the right material can be quite challenging. It is important to select a high quality brand such as Behr paint colors that offers a rainbow of beautiful hues in bases that have good coverage and can withstand routine wear and tear. In order to identify the best paint colors for a living room, you must first identify its primary occupants and special functions. If your family has young children, heavy duty house paint designed to undergo frequent cleanings may be the best choice for your space.  Look at popular dining room paint colors to find great products in this category that are as beautiful as they are functional. For more formal living rooms, unique decorative bases such as a suede or leather finish are great options to provide additional visual interest and style to the space. The possibilities are endless, so get creative with paint color.

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