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The exterior design of your home is a very important feature to consider when conducting home improvement projects. The front yard is the first thing that guests are greeted with upon their arrival at your house. So why not make sure that your front path is beautiful? One way to enhance the appearance of the front of your home is to build a walkway from your driveway to your front door. Adding a beautifully landscaped walkway to your home can be a great way to enhance its beauty as well as increase the resale value. However, walkways are not only for the front of your home, there are many different locations in which you can incorporate one into your exterior design.


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Searching through our pictures of walkway designs can give you ideas on different areas to build one in your home. The best outdoor walkway materials to use in your design are those that are sturdy and durable, such as stone, brick, or concrete. There are many different photos of diy walkway designs ideas and plans on our site that you can look through for inspiration on creating your outdoor dream space. Before you begin planning and constructing your walkway path designs you will want to determine the perfect location and desired materials for them to be installed. Many of our more popular front yard ideas incorporate a beautiful walkway into the design. Adding decorative concrete walkways to the front of your home can create a beautiful entrance into your house. By adding simple landscaping to the edges of your path you can add to the beauty of the area.


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Having a landscape walkway can be a simple way to create an elegant and attractive entry to your home. Another great area for installing a walkway is around the home garden design. Having a garden walk way can create a wonderful way to admire and enjoy the beautiful flowers and plants that you have in your yard. The only thing more stunning than a path through your garden is a covered walkway. Adding covered trellis work to your path can be a wonderful addition to any garden. There are many different simple landscaping ideas for walkways and patios that can enhance your exterior design and create the outdoor wonderland you’ve always dreamt of. After deciding upon the perfect location for your pathway you will want to determine what type of material to construct it out of. The most popular material to build a walkway out of in 2017 is brick.


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Walkway bricks add a certain level of sophistication that other materials do not. Brick designs offer a traditional yet stylish pathway for any area of your home. What’s more is that laying a brick walkway does not require any special knowledge and can be a simple do it yourself project. The installation process of a walkway made out of brick is similar to that of a laying a brick patio. Begin by digging flat even surface approximately six to eight inches deep, next stamp down a layer of crushed gravel stone followed by a layer of sand. After you ensure that each layer has been tightly packed, you can begin laying your bricks. Popular brick patio ideas and walkway patterns include running board, basket weave, or herringbone patterns. These designs are not difficult to install on your own and are very popular paver walkway designs for any area of your yard.

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