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Where online can I download free programs for home design to help diy (do it yourself) house remodeling? This week we evaluate Google SketchUp, what we believe to be the best free graphic design program in the industry.  Google’s construction drafing tool is not exclusively made for landscape or home architect software design.  However, it definitely gets the job done... for free! SketchUp is a 3D model rendering application that many professional engineers would recommend as the best freeware design software.  With a little patience and creativity, the SketchUp software will effectively design your interior rooms, front of house and backyard.  As is most of Google’s online applications, SketchUp is a free program to design a house, so you can start your do it yourself remodeling project today.  Enjoy the 2D floor plan software aspect and learn how to draw your dream kitchen and bathroom blueprints including the actual model size of your house.


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Can I download free home design software online or should I buy it?   To help you answer this question, we compare Google's free home design software to remodel a house to one of the more expensive brands.  One of the many Home Design Studio program suites cost between $200 and $1,000, depending on the level of professional quality and added features.  We used their landscape design software to build a custom pool around a deck and patio.  This not so cheap home design software helps you easily customize 3D models with your personal uploaded images.  Walk around the house and yard with a camera and take free home design pictures of anything that will be included in your new blueprints.   Visit your local kitchen cabinet store and take digital photos of your favorite brands and colors. 


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Upload the images to the kitchen design software suite and share several plans and ideas with your family.  Home Design Studio seamlessly generates custom design ideas for any room in the house our outside.  The deck and patio software tool was so simple to use and within a couple hours I had a workable design plan.   You'll still need to get a firm understanding of the home design software before you attempt any house remodeling plans.  Home Design Studio will do all the work for you.  Just plug in your house dimensions and yard lot size, answer a few questions and watch the 3D graphic design software build your dream home.  Home Design Studio is very easy to use and dummy proof.  Before you know it you’ll be designing like a pro and printing 3D home design plans using blueprint software. 


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Do you want to quickly create your diy home design ideas, or can you patiently afford to learn new software?  Google Sketchup Pro 8 is free to download, and allows you to explore your home design creativity online. Visit online and download the easy to use home design app for free.Don’t let the learning curve scare you, the Sketch Up software is truly easy to use comes with an intuitive help tool and tutorials.  Like with most room design software, SketchUp 7 and 8 lack the high-end features that the more expensive brands include.  However, where SketchUp programs lack, it makes up for in the free price tag.  As with all their free software, you can count on Google to continuously improve the quality.  Google SketchUp software downloads include online tutorials that are quite complicated to grasp at first, but with some practice very feasible.  Sketchup 8 is a new version free program to design a house and allows you to export models into Google Earth.

Interior Design Studio 3D is our favorite interior remodeling tool with an amazing focus on kitchen and bath.   The bathroom design software with an online kitchen layout tool helps you select from hundreds of home design ideas including window door styles, cabinet colors, custom appliances and light design effects.  Use Interior Design Studio library to choose from thousands of paint colors, floor tile ideas, furniture designs, brand name appliances, and other decorating materials.  Our favorite modeling programs to date yet, virtual landscaping design draws amazing 3D layouts and will actually show you the effects the seasons have on your plants.  Let the graphic design program to recommend plant ideas based on your local environment and weather conditions. Obviously you have some great design ideas of your own and download 3D home design software today to get started on your dream house plan. 

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