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Above ground pools are great in that they are cheap to buy, easy to build, and demand low maintenance.  This article focusses on how to build an above ground pool deck with ideas and free patio design software to ensure you enjoy your pool to its fullest.  If you already built the pool, hopefully it’s close to the house and leaving you a straight comfortable path from the door to the water.    If you plan on entertaining, you’ll want to consider an above ground pool deck designs with an awning roof, protecting your guests from the sun and rain.  No one wants to climb a ladder and flop in the water, or the challenge of getting out of above the ground pools.  Viewing the pool while on the deck becomes a great landscaping design for the eye.  As opposed to an above ground pool with no deck, let’s talk about an eye sore.


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As you browse through our swimming pool deck design pictures, most times you'll find backyard designs with pools that are above ground to have a deck connecting to the house. Different from an ordinary house deck, you must custom design a swimming pool deck plans to fit the pool edge. On a diy difficulty scale, we put building a pool deck in high-end difficult range. Building a deck with a roof for an above ground pool is even complicated to the average carpenter.  It’s also hard to find a pool deck plan that fits your needs as every design has to be custom fit to your home and pool location.  Once you finish the above ground pool plans, it’s time to dig post holes for your above ground pool with timber decking wood materials.  You will have to dig deep concrete footings, requiring at minimum a few friends to help. You must keep into consideration the pool deck surfaces will need repair and resurfacing over time. 


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A new trend popular for inground pools and above the ground deck materials goes to decorative concrete.  Elevated concrete pool decks are very unique as they have an alluring color and texture to its surrounding area.  The surface is very safe and slip resistant to injury.  Stamp the decorative concrete and compliment your simple landscaping design while adding more beauty and appeal to the backyard.  Common materials used for concrete pool decks are pavers, slate, stone and even wood.  Believe it or not, stamped concrete pool deck designs are cheap and very affordable.  Choose the best concrete patio deck sealer for waterproofing to ensure it lasts up to a decade.  Learning how to build a concrete pool deck is not difficult and on our diy building scale we give it a medium difficulty. 


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Building with composite wood decking or stone pavers is very as both withstand wet weather and swimming pool water conditions.  Nothing beats the beauty from water splashing on the pavers.  They come in a large assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors allowing you to blend with your backyard landscape design.  The construction material is very easy to maintain and clean, as opposed to traditional wooden decking.  But the best reason to choose pavers is their durability.  Concrete pool decks often crack and require a lot of maintenance and repair, as opposed to building with pavers.  Pavers never crack and many manufacturers provide twenty year warranties.  In some of our best deck and patio designs for over ground pools combine pavers with concrete decks to avoid the slippery surface that comes with concrete.  Plus with pavers, dirt doesn’t get stuck in the cracks as will happen over time with concrete. 

Here are our best deck and pool patio design ideas for inground and above ground pools with best landscaping ideas and plans.  Sliding glass doors joining the house to the deck will remind you of the spa as you bring your breakfast out in the morning.  Multi leveled pool deck options are also very popular as they make the deck more functional for entertaining.  The lower tier would blend with the pool edge, while a step or two goes in the roof covered deck area.   Try to incorporate a shadowed area, easily done by building a patio awning cover.  Covered deck patio canopy design provide shade during sunny days while keeping you dry during rain storms.  If you build a sturdy wood awning with an electrician, you can add ceiling fans, TVs, and outdoor lights. 

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