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When it comes to thinking about garage design plans and decorating ideas, one should figure out the functional use of the room. For the average female, a garage is someplace to put the car to keep it safe from outdoor weather hazards or break-ins, as well as a place to store items that do not fit in the house. To the average male, the garage is much more than that; it’s a workspace where you can escape to build things such as shelves for the house, fix broken items, repair and reconstruct an old car, or build model airplanes and cars. A designed interior with the best garage flooring ideas can be so much more than a place to park the car or store excess items; it can be a man’s dream workshop and place to escape on the weekends and immerse himself in a project to relax. This article discusses garage design ideas and how to build your dream garage that can fit both yours and your wife’s desires.



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Whether renovating an existing room or building a new one, there are many garage design plans to choose from. You can have an attached garage which has direct access to your house with a door connecting the two, or you can have a detached garage that is located in the back or side of your home. Regardless of if you are building a new garage for your home or renovating you existing one you will want to first develop plan to help you through the process. There are many websites online that can provide you with a variety of garage design ideas and pictures to help you plan out your desired unit. You can either choose one design that you enjoy, combine multiple ideas into the perfect plan, or simply design your garage by yourself. There are a lot of floor plan designer software programs that you can purchase or download off of the internet that can be helpful with your designs.


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One thing that might be helpful when creating your garage floor plans is software to assist you with the layout and design of everything. A popular design in garages nowadays is including an apartment above for guests or family members. Garage designs with apartments can add value to your home as well as extra space for large families. An apartment added to your house can create an extra bedroom design for family members or function as a home office or storage space. When deciding on your garage ideas, you will want to be sure to have enough space in the garage to fit one or all of your cars. In addition to car space you will want to ensure that there is room for shelving units and cabinetry to store necessary home items, such as tools, gardening supplies, and holiday decorations. If you wish to create a place to escape from the family for a while, you can add some space in your design to have a man cave.

There are many different man cave ideas for garage to choose from. You can install work benches to do your building and repairs on, you can add a sound system to play your favorite music while you work, or you can even install a television and surround sound system to watch your favorite games when the family takes over the other televisions in the house. Another important factor in your design is the garage flooring. Garages are often made of concrete flooring that is a drab grey color. If you do not enjoy this boring color and wish to spice up your garage a little you can choose different flooring options. An inexpensive way to change the flooring in your garage is to paint the concrete. You can purchase garage floor paint at your local home improvement store that can seal the concrete preventing any stains and give it the look of a car showroom.


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You can even choose to have professionals come in and coat the floors of your garage to ensure a quality job is done. After the floor has been decided upon, the next design aspect you will want to consider is the garage cabinet. You can have custom built garage cabinets installed in your home or you can purchase wall cabinet units online or from a local home improvement store. These units offer a bounty of storage for your garage, including attached work bench areas to store items or work on projects. If you wish to have custom built cabinets you can either have professionals build and install them or you can do it yourself. There are many tutorials online that can teach you how to build garage cabinets that are perfect for your needs. Building your own cabinets can ensure that you have the correct amount of storage in your garage as well as make sure that the cabinets are big enough to store large tools that you may have.

To get started in your design plans, begin by deciding on best garage flooring options and interior decorating schemes. No matter what your garage plans and designs are, you can create the perfect space to suit your needs. If you only use the garage for car storage and a place to put tools, gardening supplies, and holiday decorations, you can design a simple garage for these needs. If you wish to create a man cave in your garage for an escape on the weekends to watch your favorite sports games while repairing an old car or fixing broken items in your house, there are many different design ideas that can help you to create your dream garage.


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