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When planning your next exterior garden makeover, an essential feature to include is outdoor path lighting.  Great exterior wall lights will softly illuminate your garden in the evening for nighttime entertaining, as well as protect the safety of your family and guests by ensuring that pathways and dark corners are sufficiently lit.  Read ahead to find the best outdoor garden solar powered lights with 2017 reviews to find the products that will enhance your new outdoor space and make certain that it is functional as well as beautiful. After spending hours designing the outdoor living area and meticulously planting your beautiful garden space, be sure that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor at any time of day.  Incorporating the latest trends in unique outdoor lighting ideas is an essential aspect of any landscape project to enhance the look of these areas at night.



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A popular landscape design trend of 2017 is solar lighting because it comes in a wide variety of decorative finishes, types and prices and is also easy and inexpensive to install since there is no additional cost for electricity or professional wiring. Solar patio lights store energy from daytime sun and use it to provide a pleasant soft illumination to your garden for nighttime entertaining. When considering solar energy pros and cons it is hard to find negatives in these light fixtures. Unlike led exterior lighting, they do not increase electricity bills, are self contained thus eliminating installation costs, and come in a vast array of finishes and shapes making them easy to incorporate into any design scheme. One con to solar deck lights is that they may not provide as much illumination as traditional garden led lights especially on cloudy days. With the vast amount of new products in solar landscape lighting ideas it can be quite daunting to choose the fixture that is perfect for your outdoor space.  

Do it yourself home landscapers often wonder what are the top outdoor solar lights for gardens.  This is hard to answer because solar garden lighting has a wide variety of uses to suit any landscape, garden or outdoor living space.  Popular 2017 garden design trends incorporate solar lighting in new and unique ways to enhance your landscaping.  Garden stake lights create quick and easy to install pathways through garden areas to provide guidance and illumination for your guests during evening entertaining.  Bright garden lamps are perfect for patio spaces or seating areas because they provide a greater amount of luminosity ideal for large gatherings or outdoor meals, while garden string lights provide fun and whimsy in these areas to delight your evening guests.  Browse our galleries filled with the latest popular pictures of gardens for inspiration and ideas of how to include these versatile light fixtures into your outdoor space to ensure that they can be enjoyed all evening long.


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Outdoor solar powered lanterns are not limited to the garden, when planning your deck or patio, remember to include light fixtures to create a wonderful ambience and ensure that your new space is usable at any time of day.  The best deck lighting ideas generally feature wall mounted varieties for widespread illumination and single standing options to brighten specific areas or darkened corners.  Hanging solar lights outside in rafters of covered patios or roofed decks are another great option because they can be very decorative and add a romantic glow to the space perfect for intimate evening gatherings.  Look for metal varieties with whimsical cutouts to create a fun summertime seaside cottage feel or imitation wrought iron options for a more traditional look perfect for brick patios and exteriors. Solar lights for a small yard make the landscape an extension of your deck by illuminating the area beyond the patio.  Extending your usable lit area will make your property feel larger for evening gatherings and enhance the overall look of the space.

With our popular diy home design ideas, transforming your current space into a backyard oasis can be both easy and inexpensive. You may be asking how much are garden solar light fixtures going to cost me.  Fortunately these unique outdoor lighting options come in a variety of price points that will fit any budget.  You will often find great inexpensive solar garden products at large home improvement warehouses or local landscaping outlets, they can even be found at bargain prices on internet specialty shops.  There are many solutions for lighting your beautiful outdoor living spaces on a budget.  Cheap outside lights for the garden still feature many unique options like artistic faux stained glass insets or unique contemporary metal designs that can make these fixtures one of your best landscape ideas.  When selecting your product, remember to choose the appropriate style for the job. For example, solar path lights are small and designed to focus radiance downward, while larger outdoor hanging lights often require mounting in order to illuminate larger areas. 


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When beginning your next diy landscaping project remember that an important aspect of contemporary designs is creating an environment that is not only beautiful, but functional and safe as well.  Exterior lighting is an essential feature of all outdoor living spaces, as not only does it provide illumination for nighttime entertaining, but also ensures the safety of your family and guests by ensuring that pathways and dark corners are sufficiently lit.  Current 2017 trends in landscape design show that outdoor solar lighting is a very popular product for this use because it is affordable, easy to install and best of all require no additional cost for electricity or professional wiring.  Check out our great decorative patio lighting ideas and solar garden light design photos for inspiration of how to include these versatile products into your landscape.  Regardless of budget or design, these outdoor désign products can be implemented in any home to enhance exterior living areas and give your family and friends a unique space to relax away from the television. 


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