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Outside fireplaces are a great addition to any exterior living space because it not only adds a touch of beauty and cozy feel to the area, but it also extends the time in which you can use this space throughout the year. For homeowners who enjoy spending their time outside, creating the right design for their outdoor living space is important. The exterior of the home can be designed in a variety of ways that incorporate the natural beauty of the outdoors with the cozy feel of interior decorating. One of the most important aspects of your outdoor living space is the accessories that are included. You can turn a bland deck or patio into a beautiful outdoor oasis with a few simple decorations and accessories, the most popular being a fireplace. How to build an outdoor fireplace depends on the function of the space. They can be used as a simple decorative element to add warmth to the area, or take on an elaborate design that creates an inviting ambiance on your patio. The key is to find the right outdoor patio fireplace designs, ideas, and pictures for inspiration.



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Outdoor fire places can be incorporated into a variety of differ patio d├ęcor options, however it is important to design this area around your specific needs. Deck and patio ideas that make use of a fireplace outside include outdoor living rooms, kitchens, bars, or dining areas. The first thing to do before installing a fireplace on your deck or patio is to determine the purpose or function of this area. Popular design ideas for outdoor patios with fireplaces that are used for relaxing and enjoying your time outside include brick or stone structures that are wood burning. A stone fireplace adds a natural look to your outdoor living area and provides an attractive, rustic element to the space as well. Outdoor brick fireplace plans, on the other hand, creates a more traditional style for your patio that offers a classic, yet sturdy focal point for the area. These types of fireplaces are generally built in the traditional style with an opening in the front and a chimney. The most popular 2017 decoration schemes for outdoor patio ideas with a fireplace will place patio furniture and sofas around the fire.

While most fireplaces are wood burning, there are other stylish options to consider that will keep your space clean and looking good as new. Think about replacing wood fireplace inserts and logs with glass cubes. A glass fireplace not only adds a beautiful, modern look to the space with a variety of different color options, but it also traps heat more effectively. Take a look at our picture gallery of the top outdoor fireplace photos to see images of both the wood and glass design options for you to choose from. Glass is the perfect choice for a see through fireplace, as it adds a mystical touch to the already elegant design. If a traditional styled fireplace is not for you, consider installing a chiminea. A chiminea is a portable, Mexican styled front loading fireplace that add a attractive and warm feel to your patio or deck. Chimineas are often built with a round bottom and tall chimney on top. There are several different materials options including stainless steel, concrete, cast iron, and cast aluminum chimineas. Clay chimineas are the top style because of their beautiful color options.


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For those homeowners who are looking to build an outdoor kitchen or bar on their patio, a fireplace is a great accessory for this area. An outdoor kitchen and fireplace not only provides you with a cozy and warm area to entertain guests, but also a place to prepare and cook meals to enjoy outside. While most people tend to use the fireplace as a place to gather and stay warm during cool nights, others choose to use this piece for cooking. You can easily create your own personal fireplace grill by placing a fire grate inside of the pit. Another popular cooking option is a fireplace pizza oven combination. Using a fireplace as a grill or oven is great option for those homeowners looking to save money on their outdoor kitchen by offering a cheap multifunctional cooking space that can also be used for heating. When constructing diy outdoor fireplace plans for your kitchen, also consider installing a patio bar. Patio bar designs are a great choice for spaces without room for a full dining table set, and can be built off the side of a full fireplace to create a smooth, flowing look.

There are also a variety of portable fireplace options for those you would prefer not to install a permanent structure. Fire pits, patio heaters, and portable electric fireplaces can be moved throughout your outdoor living space, as well as your landscape, to provide heat and warmth to any area of your yard. Patio heaters are best for homes with decks made of wood or for covered spaces because they provide warmth without having to worry about flames and smoke that comes with a fire pit. You can choose from electric heaters, or those that run off of propane or ethanol. Natural gas heaters are best for decks and patios without electrical outlets or to use in various areas of the yard. Outdoor fire bowls, on the other hand, are excellent for brick or cement patios and provide you with a beautiful, natural fire. For inspiration, view our outdoor fire pit ideas photo gallery that will provide you with the top designs of 2017 that incorporate these structures into the landscape plans. Outdoor fire pits range in styles, from cast iron bowls to stone pits surrounded by patio furniture.


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If you are thinking about incorporating a fireplace into your outdoor living area, there are a few construction options to choose from. Fire pits and heaters can be bought and installed on anywhere on your patio by yourself. Custom designed fireplaces can be purchased and installed by your local lowes or other specialty home improvement stores. This is the best option for homeowners who desire a large, elaborate design with stone or brick because the masonry can be professionally done. However, if you are looking to save money, you can always build your own outdoor fireplace. Depending on the size and design, building an outdoor fireplace is a more advanced project that only experienced diy homeowners should undertake. To make the project easier, you can purchase do it yourself fireplace kits for sale at your local home improvement store that provide you with all the necessary tools and instructions. For an online photo gallery including the best images of outdoor living spaces with a fireplace, check out our gallery of award winning pictures that will inspire you to create one of your own.


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